Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in a woman’s life, but sometimes this transformation can cause discomfort, stress, and depletion of a woman’s body and energy. As the baby grows it can begin to demand more energy (qi) and blood than the mother can produce. When this condition occurs, various symptoms can arise, such as lower back strain, swelling or water retention, and digestive upset. If this deficient condition is left unchecked it can even lead to prolonged or delayed labor.

Through massage, the muscles can be relaxed to allow the blood to move more freely and efficiently, which leads to better circulation, decreased swelling, and increased energy. Focus on the immune system through the lymph can also help to insure the health of the mother throughout gestation.

Massage during pregnancy needs to be gentle but effective, and should only be performed by a practitioner who is skilled in the contraindications associated with each term. Often massage should not be performed at all during the first trimester. And, certain acupressure points should be avoided during particular times of the pregnancy to prevent causing untimely reactions (like pre-term contractions). At Nurture Acupuncture, we provide trained pregnancy massage in a safe and reliable environment so your health care needs can be met through each stage of your gestation. We enjoy seeing our new mothers all the way through to delivery and into postpartum care.