Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is one of the most commonly known western therapeutic treatments and is the basis for other treatments such as deep tissue and sports massage. It is a massage that is commonly used to promote mental and physical relaxation as well as aiding a range of bodily ailments. Commonly the skin is lubricated in massage oils by the therapist and then massaged in using a variety of stroke techniques. The aim is the help circulation and ‘wake up’ your muscles to allow any pain or tension to be released through breaking down muscles knots.

Generally it is believed that Swedish Massages are used only to help individuals relax but there are in fact many other health benefits. The massage techniques used will help to properly oxygenate the blood which will allow the regulation of a number of your body’s systems. This circulation will allow your cardiovascular system to improve as well as aiding the lymphatic system is removing toxins from the body. You will also find that you have improve mobility and flexibility in your muscles after a couple of treatments.